The Repose are paintings composed of translucent tones, forming and layering lucid images of surfaces and landscapes. Each work is a place where boundaries dissolve and the viewer finds himself/herself standing there, on the threshold, ready to move across the limits into what could be. All paintings are acrylic, resin and mixed media on birch panel. 

“Andrzej’s paintings never fail to make viewers catch their breath.  They are arresting in their soothing use of color and unique application.  People tend to want to linger in front of his paintings as they try and put a finger on what it is that makes them feel content while standing in that spot.  The beauty of Andrzej’s work is that he is thinking of the viewer as he paints.  What might this work mean to someone and what might it do for them? There is nothing self-indulgent about his work, it is meant for the rest of us to interpret and enjoy in our own way”. Evie Simone, Art Critic and Fine Art Rep. at Stephanie Breitbard Fine Art. 

Repose, H2O-9 , 6/6 each

Repose, Still Water 94 , 12/12

Horizons 3 , 16/16

Repose, still water 11 , 36/36

still water 052 , 24/24

still water 7 , 16/16

Repose, h2o bw3 , 6/6 each

still water 1800 , 24/24

still water 412 , 12/12 each

still water 2014-6 , 24/24

still water 504 , 16/16

still water 505 , 16/16

still water 704 , 16/16

still water 505 3 , 16/16 each

repose, still water 15yellow , 36/60

repose, still water 15silver , 30/60

repose, expression 3 , 12/12

still water 3-2 blue , 36/48

repose, expression 12 , 24/24

repose, expression c12 , 12/12