Relying on well-known images of man and women in the context of pop art, I, and artist, have pulled together elements from mainstream aesthetics, both past and present, to address transpersonal relationships we have to select images. By juxtaposing the sense of identity with text from newspapers and textiles that speak of the social cultural of various decades and cultures, these paintings attempt to make sense of the world encompassing a wider aspect of humankind and the psyche.

My figure paintings explore ideas of fashion, feminism, human desire for love and beauty. It is my goal to present women not within an objectified framework but women that constitute a dominant key symbol within a wider cultural context.

All painting are acrylic, resin and mixed media on birch panel. 

Sweet Surrender 24/36

Wait 36/36

Free 24/24

Bond Files 24/24

Beyond Kiss, 36/36

Bond Files 09, 24/24

Age Of Innocence 18/18

Anna 36/36

Big Film Classics 1 6/6

Big Film Classics 2 6/6

Girl Noir 36/60

Big Film Classics 3 6/6

Angels in America 18/24

MM Echoes 48/48

Tribute to Kahlo 24/40

Subtle Approach 24/48

Dark Red 24/40

Bond Files 04/40

Indifferent 24/48

Perceived 36/36

American Beauty 28/42

Transforming The Now 16/16

Pretty In Pink 18C

White Bird Sing 30/60

Figure Painting On Site in Chicago, private client.

Figure Painting On Site in Oakland, private client.

Figure Painting On Site in LA, private client.

Figure Painting, private client courtesy of SBFA