In the creative development, the method for EQ Series is alike process of weathering, where the wood panel, paint and water meet and dissolve into each other imitating nature and its material. Thin layers of paint and water wash over each other and meet in liquid form creating their own magical chemistry. These works do not exhibit separateness of colors but the merging and integration of each. The overlaying hues and tones form a mystic marriage where new qualities are created with their own unique essence. Whereas most artists use resin for aesthetic reasons, as well as to preserve the life of their work, I see resin as an essential part of the painting process. The high gloss surface adds luminosity to the paintings and brings out the true hues of all color layers. Just as light and water give sea coral an added beauty, so does resin accentuate the life in each painting. For me, the painting becomes a visual dance between form and composition, color and emotion. The artwork, uncomplicated and soothing, creates feeling of a larger, elegant, expansive space and calming effect on one’s surroundings. All paintings are acrylic, resin and mixed media on birch panel. 

Equanimity, 1600-11, 6/48 each

Equanimity, instill 4, 6/24 each

Equanimity, Summer 3, 6/48 each

Equanimity, winter 7, 6/48 each

Equanimity, 1700 light, 48/48

Equanimity, 1700, 24/24

Equanimity, Silver Series, 48/48 and 6/48

Equanimity, june, 48/48 and 6/48

Equanimity, Blue summer, 48/48

Equanimity, April 7, 6/48 each

Equanimity, liminal steel 1, 36/36

Equanimity, liminal steel 2, 36/36

Equanimity, 09-2, 36/48

Equanimity, redefined red, 48/48

Equanimity, redefined white 48/48

Equanimity, redefined aqua, 48/48

Equanimity, 11-3, 48/60

Equanimity, redefined retro, 36/36

Equanimity, redefined 3-1, 12/12 each

Equanimity, redefined 9-1, 48/60

Equanimity, redefined 19-3, 12/12 each

Equanimity, 1800, 24/72

Equanimity, redefined 3-4, 4/48 each

Equanimity, redefined 3-H, 6/48 each