EQ Expressions

Equanimity Redefined and Equanimity Expression Series are new series of paintings. They are reconstructed to embrace the underlying order and harmonic balance that supports the organic and at times chaotic nature of life. The style is created by the application of paint with a palette knife to thin wooden boards, which are consequently cut up into strips and collaged together in a different order thereby creating more graffiti like painting landscape. “Chronicle” Series is created of collections of clippings from newsprint and magazine texts, words and reflective writings.Their selections and cut outs allow me to form painting’s unique abbreviated language as based on living in modern societies. Texts are blended into paintings, composing theoretical and dreamy topography. The series of the collaged works explore hidden meanings of our daily lives; they also provide an art canvas, inviting viewer into deeper contemplation. All paintings are acrylic, resin and mixed media on birch panel. 

EQ Expression, Love, 12/12

EQ Expression, 19-1, 24/24

EQ Expression, 4, 24/24 each

EQ, Mindfulness, 12/12

EQ Expression, Create, 48/60

EQ, Redefined 5, 6/48 each

EQ, bluesilver, 36/48

EQ Expression, 144, 48/48

EQ Expression, Redefined 2, 48/48

EQ, BlackSilver, 48/48

EQ, Redefined 6, 6/48 each

EQ Expression, Hours, 60/60

EQ, art of inspiration, 24/72

EQ Expression, chronicle, 24/72

EQ Expression, metropolis, 48/72

EQ Expression, Aqua, 48/72

EQ radical bliss, 40/80

EQ, lines in space 24/72

EQ Expression, seek, 24/72

EQ, redefined 1600, 48/48

EQ, everything is imagination, 36/r

EQ, live now, 44/84

EQ, still water, 24/r

EQ, still water 2, 24/r

EQ, p1800, 24/60

EQ, Journey into, 48/48

EQ, child drawing, 48/48

EQ, Rejuvinate your day, 40/80